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When your team and employees regularly implement the 6-step process from this book, they'll start coming to you with solutions instead of problems!

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The Transformation Challenge is a clear and simple template to personal and business success. The 6-steps to planning and execution will lead you to find creative solutions to any challenge.

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By the time you finish The Transformation Challenge, you’ll have a Step-by-Step plan of action that will improve morale, increase sales, increase employee engagement, and breakthrough performance barriers.

About the Transformation Challenge

The Transformation Challenge is a clear and simple template for personal and business success. The 6-steps to planning and execution will help you dominate your goals and overcome problems or obstacles in a totally new and exciting way. When your team and employees regularly implement the 6-step process from this book, they'll start coming to you with solutions instead of problems!

After years of intensive research into 50 different organizations in varying industries, we found that not a single company had a common approach to problem-solving that yielded consistent results. In effect, every manager or employee spoke a different language when it came to the development and execution of a plan. This resulted in frustration within the team, significant losses, and a large amount of wasted time. It doesn’t have to be that way any longer. The Transformation Challenge will help you and your team transform any challenge or problem with the proprietary 6-Step Process. It brings teams and organizations together with a common language and process to address any issue, saving them countless hours and a significant amount of money!

When you implement the principles from the Transformation Challenge, either individually or with your team, you can take any problem or opportunity and use the Six-Step Process to address that issue--creating a clear path forward.

Organizations have taken the Transformation Challenge to address business challenges such as lost sales, turnover, and manufacturing issues. Others have used it in their personal lives to improve their relationships, achieve optimal health, reach their financial dreams, and wake up refreshed with clear direction.

What Are Readers Saying?


“This is much more than a's a proven framework and blueprint for success in both business and life! I have implemented the Becoming Your Best Leadership Model into my organization and witnessed firsthand the dramatic effects it had on our team and thus our company! In my opinion, the Six-Step Process is the "secret sauce" of it all! My advice --commit to it, execute on it, and watch the transformation take place!.” -- John W. Fitzpatrick, President/CEO, Force Marketing

“The Transformation Challenge is a must-read book for executives and managers trying to get the best from themselves and those around them. This is a poignant and powerful collection of insights from one of the great business and people leaders on what it takes to become better leaders, manager, employee, parent, and friend.” -- David Williams, Founder, CEO, Board Member, Leadership Coach, Forbes/HBR Contributor, Book Author, Entrepreneur

“The process laid out in this book will make you a better executive. It makes you a better thinker and will create better results. This is a high impact process.” -- Mark W. Brugger, President & CEO, DiamondRock Hospitality Company, NYSE:DRH

“This book is spot on. The Transformation Challenge is a clear and simple road map to personal and business success. The Six Steps will lead you to find new thoughts, approaches, and best outcomes. The "who, what, when" template is applicable to any type of situation you want to improve.” -- Rona Rahlf, President, Utah Valley Chamber

“The Shallenbergers have done it again! The Transformation Challenge provides a template to strategically map out how to overcome any challenge. There are very few playbooks that can be applied in every facet of life, and The Transformation Challenge is one to top them all.” --Dean Griess, Executive Learning Leaders, Charles Schwab

"In our current, diverse world with so many challenges and problems, this book is a must read. The Six-Step Process has been such a life-changing solution for me in my personal and professional life. It is a tool that makes all the difference. if you want to know why you haven't realized your vision, this book will show you the current reality and the root cause. The Transformation Challenge is a process worth the effort. I highly recommend this book!" -- Julie Richardson, President/SEO Energy Efficiency Inc.

"Rob and Steve nailed it! I loved this book from start to finish. I am going to apply their model in my own life." -- Randy Garn, New York Times Best Selling Author

"If you are looking to excel both personally and within your organization, this book is a must read!" -- David Gordon, Managing Partner, Mountain Markets